Summer Camp Eklata 2017 – Programs

Attendants choose one of the offered programs. Educational programs will be realized in the forenoon. In the afternoon they can rest, go swimming, play imaginative games with music and entertainment on the beach. To all camp attendants at disposal are (for free) all contents of Eklata youth center including the most wanted – kayaks, canoes, gondolas, bicycles, roller blades, table tennis,… Eve is booked for sports and entertainment competitions. After the dinner – spectacle. Reflectors, loudspeakers and other equipment are turned on. Disco „madhouse“ begins. Good music, stage lights, dance, dazzle and a bunch of surprises. King & Queen, Music Quizz, Fantasy night, Indian night, sympathy choice… night swimming!

In every period we organize a one day trip to the nearest tourist destinations – facultative.



  • (A1) English
  • (A2) German
  • (A3) Italian
  • (A4) Croatian



  • (B1) Art Group – painting, body painting, traditional macramé design, origami, the making of ornaments and souvenirs, clay objects, masks, set design, etc…
  • (B2) Music/Dance Studio – music and dance rhythms, dance choreography…
  • (B3) Film Studio – film, acting, writing screenplays, directing, working with a camera, film editing, photography… – (only in terms 4. 5. and 6.)
  • (B4) Adventure Group- Robinsons Group – life with nature, sea, wind, stars, ecology… – (only in terms 4. 5. and 6.)



  • soccer
  • handball
  • basketball
  • volleyball

Organizer has a right to replace the chosen educational program with alternative one if for the chosen program there is not a sufficient number of attendants.