Camp Eklata – Inquiry

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Well organized and conducted trips

"Day trips were well organized and conducted. I liked especially the expert guidance in Dubrovnik and trip by cable car to Srđ. I think the price corresponds to the offer. The animators mean a lot and unburden teachers on a high school graduation trip. The program is entertaining and kids are thrilled with it. "

Teacher from Bedekovčina

Well adapted program

"The travel program is well adapted – there is plenty educational content, and also free time for recreation and student entertainment. The price is adequate for services provided."

Teacher from Oroslavlje

Very entertaining animators

"Animators are very entertaining. Their energy and enthusiasm are for every praise."

Teacher from Bjelovar

Excellent accommodation

"Accommodation is excellent. Food is delicious. Everything is super! Kids are very satisfied and that is what is the most important."

Teacher from Barilović

Appropriate trips

"Day trips are appropriate to the students’ age, time-limited according to students so we keep their attention. The offer is complete, diverse and the price is very affordable. The animation program is diverse, wittily designed, and animators are friendly and responsible. Very tidy rooms and toilet. Food is diverse and there is plenty of food."

Teacher from Zagreb

Hardworking animators

"The animators are hardworking and professional. Service for highest grades! Food is delicious and appropriate for children."

Teacher from Velika Gorica

Quality programs

"I am satisfied with quality of the travel program. Day trips are organized very good, instructive and interesting. The bus is spacious, the driver is communicative, knows the travel route. Beds are comfortable, and the rooms are tidy. The students were situated on the upper floor with us which facilitated the control of students."

Teacher from Gola

Ineresting program

"Program is designed very good – good ratio of day trips and stay in hotel. The driver is very nice and wants to cooperate. Drives nicely and carefully."

Teacher from Zagreb

The best animators

"Animators are without competition! They are born for this job. The program is adjustable and extremely interesting and acceptable."

Teacher from Hum na Sutli

Accessible animator

"The animator is super, accessible. He talked concisely and pithily about the facts regarding the places and day trips. The best tour leader so far and the kids have accepted him."

Teacher from Gola

Quality programs

"All programs of the trips are quality made. The length of trip is appropriate and adjusted to needs and wishes of students of that age. The price is acceptable. Animators are geniuses – always at service, flexible to situations, very correct relationship toward students and teachers, full of ideas."

Teacher from Novska

Nice and tidy space

"Very nice and tidy space, and the food is delicious. The agency staff is at your service in every moment, for every praise. The agency manager is excellent."

Teacher from Bjelovar

Interesting animators

"Animators were very kind, interesting, full of ideas on how to entertain children and I think they are of great help to us. Animation program is excellent and interesting. Accommodation is very good. Rooms are completely equipped and I am very satisfied. Food is diverse, delicious and in abundance which I like very much."

Teacher from Lipik

The best school trip

"From many high school graduation trips I have taken this one was the best, because thanks to the animators students had organized free time. They are thrilled and that is the best feedback. Food is delicious – quality, in abundance, and the whole staff is kind, serviceable and agile and we all felt like at home. Just continue this way!"

Teacher from Novska